Why Go to the Car Wash Instead of Cleaning the Car by Hand?

You may be used to—and somewhat enjoy—washing your car by hand in the driveway. However, professional car washes could be more beneficial for your car and can, in fact, keep the car looking even better than you do on your own. How?

Using the Right Soap

The casual vehicle owner often thinks that all soap is useful for washing a car; this isn't so. Your choice of cleansing liquid could actually be stripping away the top protective coating of your car. Even gentle laundry detergents or simple dish soaps could wear away the surface coating that allows your car to retain that "like new" sheen. 

Professional car washes, on the other hand, are going to use soap that is appropriate for a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. You don't have to worry that the soap isn't suitable.

Avoiding Direct Sunlight

You're unlikely to wash a car in the rain, but washing it in the middle of a sunny day isn't necessarily great for your car either. Bright sun could encourage a wet car to dry before you've had a chance to wash away soapy water with clean water. The sun could make your wet car dry so quickly that streaks remain that you'll then have to deal with.

A professional car wash will wash your vehicle in a controlled environment. Jets of soapy water are followed by jets of clean water, and then strong blowing dryers push water off the car's surface in a uniform fashion. 

Using Enough Water

If your car washing routine only involves a single bucket, you could be sabotaging yourself. Putting your sponge in the same dirty water that you wiped dirt away with could mean you're re-depositing that dirt right on your vehicle. It's important you're using enough soapy and clean water; professional car washes do that.

Performing Undercarriage Baths

You, like many car owners, are generally not scrubbing down the undercarriage when you do your routine washes. The area isn't easy to reach unless you've got a lift and because you're not looking at it regularly, the undercarriage is easily ignored. Professional washes often offer undercarriage baths, which can clean out any grit or dirt accumulated by many miles on the road. 

Considering professional car washes is something that could have lasting effects on the physical appearance of your car. Visit local washes and examine how they can keep your car looking fantastic.

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